24 Jul Water Spots!!!

Your tap water, whether hard or soft, has a lot more in it that H20. Hard water has a high mineral content of Calcium, Magnesium and metal ions. When your tap water dries, it leaves behind the minerals in a ring in the same shape of the water droplet. If you are lucky, these water spots will remain on the surface of the clear. If you experience really hard water, these deposits will settle into your clear coat and etch the ring in the clear. If this happens, then you will have to really level clear to remove the imperfection. Be especially careful when parking by a sprinkler system. These can spot up a car really quickly. If you decide to wash your car in the heat, make sure you do not leave any water to dry on the paint. After you wash, make sure to Chamois off the water. To completely avoid water spots is impossible unless your vehicle never gets wet. We have developed Varigon Water Spot remover which will aid in getting these stubborn spots off cars.