30 Sep Now that you have a new car, what do you buy to maintain it?

I have a friend who called me after purchasing his car and had some questions about what car wash, polish/wax, tire dressing, etc. to buy. He had already been to Walmart and got so frustrated that he left and went to Autozone. After staring at the wall of confusion in Autozone for 20 minutes he called. After reading label after label, he didn’t know what to buy and was cautious to put anything on his car that would damage the new paint. Having grown up in the detailing world, I had never been to this part of AutoZone so I decided to go check it out. I stood there looking at all the brand name products like Turtle Wax, Meguiars, Eagle One, Mothers and the like unable to decipher myself what I would buy and I have detailed cars my whole life. Then, through daily communication with my customers, I started to ask them what they had at home to maintain their car. When they told me, I quickly realized that these products were causing all sorts of issues on the paint job. In most cases, it was due to user error or confusion but nonetheless, the products eventually led my customer to me so I could polish out all of his neglect or mishandling. The customers have no idea they are wasting their money and using products that aren’t good for their car. So, we decided to start offering what I believed were the best maintenance products to our customers and this grew into our entire product line today. You only need one car wash, one tire dressing, one polish, one glass cleaner, etc. Don’t fall for the gimmicky, too good to be true claims (i.e. Wipe New)

We are different at Varigon. You will see us posting all of our “secrets” to the public. We are passionate about YOUR car!! Let us help you not make the same mistakes everyone else is making.

Let me give you just one example of blatant disregard for the consumers best interest and tell you about tire shine. If you like your tires to be dressed, it is critical to use a water based dressing. Good luck finding that on the shelf. The major players are all competing to have the longest lasting, shiniest tire product on the shelf, completely ignoring that the petroleum in the solvent based dressing are not good for the rubber and will eventually dry rot your tires.

Just to bring home our point, lets discuss another gross misunderstanding about car wax. Our opinion as always is to have your car coated with Tectanium. If you aren’t a believer and want to continue waxing, just make sure to grab something that will actually provide 3-4 months protection. The carnuba or synthetic sealants are typically carried in a paste or liquid that you have to wipe all over the car and buff off 99% of the product with a towel, hopefully a microfiber. This technology is so out dated and creates a situation of excess rubbing on the paint. Clear coats these days are easily scratched so the less wiping on the car the better. Our spray sealants contain silica which when cured will provide at lease 3 months of protection. There is no residue to wipe off. There will be no white powder in every emblem, seal and crack on the car. Spray on, wipe off and your done. You don’t have to marr your paint to put a layer of protection on your car.

If you want to truly care for your car, do what the professionals do. Come back to our blog to check out what we think you should do and what we do daily in our shop. If you are a DIY’er, please give us a call and we will advise you on how to do it right.