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Recreational Boats

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Looking great on the water doesn’t just mean a nice swimsuit and a summers tan, having the best looking boat on the water is just as important. There is nothing more embarrassing than having someone tell you how to clean your prize possession while enjoying a refreshing beverage on your yacht. Varigon Solutions’ has mastered the ability of making you the Captain of Your Ship by formulating the best Marine products on the market today.


Boat owners are all familiar with the typical 5 gallon bucket filled with car cleaners, household items, and old dirty rags. Varigon Solutions Marine products were created specifically for the task that Mother Nature gives them.


Why would we set sail to formulate a product designed just for Marine?


Understanding the habits of passengers and the abuse vessels take, it was necessary to consider the salts and oils from eating chips, peanuts, suntan oils, spilled beverages, etc. in the development of a true barrier coating.Sitting and sweating in the beautiful sun adds to more unfriendly forces on your seats. Adding more unfriendly forces such as intense UV Rays, organism growth, salt water corrosion, and physical abuse gives the reason for designing a specific Solution for a specific challenge.





GUARDIUM is Varigon Solutions’ advanced protective coating specifically formulated for marine. This highly resistant coating forms a protective bond that can withstand even the harshest saltwater environments. It’s NOT a synthetic wax or sealant; It’s nanotechnology combined with a ceramic foundation.  Check it out for yourself…

Isn’t it crazy that you need to protect your marine assets from the one thing that they were made for…Water?


Maintaining the integrity of your vessel’s finish is a constant physical and financial challenge. From corrosive salt water environments and marine organism growth, to harsh chemicals such as cleaners, solvents, fluids, and much more, your paint finish is in constant risk of degradation.

Oxidation, exhaust carbons, bird droppings, acid rain, and continued physical abuse are other factors that your vessel has to contend with on a regular basis. Waxes and synthetic sealers are not the answer for a valuable asset which you depend upon.


Waxes and synthetic sealers are not the answer for a valuable asset which you depend upon…


GUARDIUM is Varigon’s advanced Ceramic coating specifically formulated for Marine Vessels. This highly resistant hydrophobic coating forms a protective bond that can truly withstand even the harshest environments. GUARDIUM is NOT a synthetic wax or Teflon sealant. It is nanotechnology (engineering at a molecular level) combined with a ceramic foundation.

From personal Recreational Vessels, Fishing Boats, Pleasure Yachts, and Offshore Race Boats, to commercial work horses such as Crew Boats, Supply Vessels and Search and Rescue Vessels, there is NO product that offers a longer and stronger protection than GUARDIUM.


Considering the costs involved in paint maintenance such as cleaning, waxing, scheduled re-sealing, paint touch up, not to mention labor and product costs, GUARDIUM is the only protection that will reduce these costs effectively while maintaining a brilliant long lasting shine that is stronger than wax, Teflon, and other synthetics that are destroyed within minutes of constant abuse from environmental hazards and conditions. Another consideration is that one of your most valued assets will not be reduced in value due to its appearance.

  • Protects coated areas against oxidation and corrosion which are critical to a vessel’s life and maintenance costs
  • Salt, fuel, and other harmful substances will not penetrate the coated vessel’s surface that would normally break down its finishes
  • Reduces water spotting (easily removed with our GUARDIUM Water Spot Remover)
  • Maintains the vessel’s best appearance without the need of constant cosmetic detailing or paint touch-up
  • Protects leading edges from environmental wear and increases the vessel’s resistance to scratches
  • Able to withstand -60 F to 1200 F 

Super Hydrophobic

Washes away dirt and grime much easier than any synthetic sealants or waxes, which reduces labor time involved with detailing engine areas, decking surfaces and areas both above and below the waterline.

No Harsh Chemicals Needed

Reduces budget on CES (chemicals, equipment and supplies) because traditional slime, fluids, leakages, fuel and bugs will not penetrate the coating.

No More Synthetic Waxing

Waxes are costly and are only on vessels temporarily due to constant abuse from rain, UV rays, heat, and friction. Synthetic waxes will disintegrate under these conditions and provide no protection from harsh environments. GUARDIUM was designed to withstand constant abrasion from salt, fresh and brackish water over extensive periods of time.

Less Leading Edge Maintenance

Constant paint touch ups from bug and water etching, as well as rain penetration are no longer an issue. GUARDIUM provides a protective layer that bonds to the gel coat, which keeps vessels protected both above and below the water line, also causing less drag.


A vessel wash and detail, which was once a tedious job, is now done in a fraction of the time maximizing savings on both time and products. Fuel, bugs, overspray, dirt and grime now wipe off with ease, no longer taking major time away from enjoying one of your most valuable assets with family and friends.

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KUBERA is Varigon Solutions’ advanced protective coating specifically formulated for marine interiors. This extreme nanotechnology is highly resistant to just about anything that it comes in contact with, especially salt and UV rays.  Check it out for yourself…


Your boat takes serious abuse from the sun’s UV Rays, but now your favorite seating area can be protected. KUBERA is a true protective Ceramic based coating for your boat’s interior and was designed to be the best protection for any fabric, leather, and vinyl surface. This coating brings you the best protection and durability that is available on the market today, and will leave your interior protected from dirt and grime that ingrains itself into leather substrates, vinyl, and other surfaces. Elements such as dirt, grease, jean dye, acidic juices, and glue will not penetrate the surface. KUBERA also features a Super Hydrophobic surface so that any liquid spills will simply bead up on the surface and can be easily wiped away without affecting the leather substrate. The UV Resistance of the coating will help reduce the aging, fading, and cracking, easily maintaining a soft and supple factory look and feel. Expected duration on your aircraft interior is 1 – 2 years.


  • Excellent Durability

  • Easy to Clean

  • Super Hydrophobic Effect

  • Superior Wear Resistance

  • UV Resistance

  • Keeps Leather Soft

  • Factory Look & Feel


Varigon Solutions has created a full line of marine cleaning and restoration products designed to deal with both fresh and saltwater environments.  In addition we offer professional training to companies interested in maintaining the absolute best protection and appearance of their fleet. We become an active partner working with your crews in maintaining your finest assets and offer consulting at all levels of paint maintenance.  Our experienced technicians understand the critical areas and needs that are important to both boat owners and operators.  Varigon Solutions is the first step for marine paint restoration and maintenance.


All Purpose Marine Cleaner

Varigon’s All Purpose Marine Cleaner is an environmentally friendly cleaner specially formulated for removing salt residue, soap scum, grease, bugs, and other contaminants.  It is generally safe on all cleaning surfaces for both exterior and interior of your watercraft.


Marine Refresh

Varigon Solutions’ Marine Refresh is a convenient spray on and wipe off sealant that is extremely glossy and hydrophobic. It is formulated to maintain the protection and finish quality of our GUARDIUM coating and is encouraged to be used on a regular basis after cleaning or washing of coated surfaces. Refresh used in conjunction with Varigon’s Marine washes will keep aircraft protected and looking the same as the day it was coated with GUARDIUM.


Marine Oxidation Remover

Varigon Solutions’ Marine Oxidation Remover was developed to level the deepest scratches and oxidation. Our formula is based on highly refined aluminum oxide abrasive technology and is100% user and shop safe containing no silicone, wax, or toxic solvents. These aluminum oxide particles cut through the defects quickly.


Marine Primer

Varigon Solutions’ Marine Primer was specifically designed for the complete removal of polishing oils, fillers, waxes and polish dust from the vessel to set the stage for a strong bond for Guardium, or any other coating, wax, or sealant. Our Primer has intense cleaners that dissolve oils and make it possible to get a perfectly clean surface. It also has anti-static components to resist dusting after wiping. The paint will stay dust-free while you’re in the process of applying Guardium so you don’t have to keep re-cleaning panel by panel. Primer contains no silicone and is completely safe for use in paint shops and Marinas.


Marine Quick Interior Detail

Varigon Solutions’ Marine Quick Interior Detailer is the perfect product to refresh your boat’s interior, remove body oils from seats and panels, spot clean your cup holders, and wipe down surfaces leaving the showroom matte finish of your interior. Our Quick Detailer is great in-between details. Sprays on quick, wipes off easy leaving your vessel’s interior looking amazing.


Marine Surface Polish

Varigon Solutions’ Marine Surface Polish was developed to quickly clean and polish boat painted and gel coat surfaces. Our formula is based on highly refined aluminum oxide abrasive technology and is 100% user and shop safe containing no silicone, wax, or toxic solvents.  These aluminum oxide particles cut through the defects quickly and break apart into fine Nano-polishing abrasives soon after to allow you to finish down to an excellent gloss.


Marine Wash

Varigon Solutions’ Marine Wash gently removes dirt, water grime stains, bird droppings and other debris. It deep cleans without harsh chemicals that damage your paint. Varigon Marine Wash will help to keep your vessel looking radiant.

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