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Commercial Vessels

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Profits and Cost Savings are at the forefront of any company. Minor changes in our daily business practices could either greatly diminish or improve both of these. The challenge is to produce a cost effective process of operation while maintaining a level of quality that exceeds customer expectation.


It is important to be efficient while maintaining the value of the asset that provides these services. The investment in protecting commercial vessels can be rather high, but the cost in avoiding these necessary expenses will prove to be much greater.


Properly maintained vessels perform better and more efficiently .Time is Money! Understanding the physical abuse they take on a daily basis is key to long lasting care and protection. Oxidation, corrosion, organism growth and aging paint all play a part in the life cycle of commercial vessels. Trying to maintain the appearance, performance and maintenance is a constant challenge to both the vessel and the pocket book. Labor costs alone can be excessive, but add to that chemicals, equipment and supply expenses and now you have a bigger problem.


Take a look at some of the great solutions that we can provide for you.


Finally…A Protective Coating that actually works!

Varigon Solutions’ has formulated our Marine Exterior and Interior Coatings based on the need to have a true shield of protection, and not a temporary fix. Battling Mother Nature while taking daily abuse from the physical demands remains to be a constant challenge. Varigon Solutions’ Coatings are the answer!

Can Guardium Reduce Costs?

Considering the costs involved in paint maintenance such as cleaning, waxing, scheduled re-sealing, paint touch up, not to mention labor and product costs, Guardium is the only protection that will reduce these costs effectively while maintaining a brilliant long lasting shine that is stronger than wax, Teflon, and other synthetics that are destroyed within minutes of constant abuse of Mother Nature and salt water surroundings. Reduction of surface corrosion alone will make a positive impact on commercial overhead costs. Another consideration is that one of your most valued assets will not be reduced in value due to its appearance.

GUARDIUM is our Exterior Ceramic Coating formulated with nanotechnology (engineering at a molecular level). It can extend or save the life of any component that it has been applied to. Synthetic sealants won’t even come close.


KUBERA is our Ceramic Interior Coating specifically designed to conform and flex while offering a barrier from the everyday abuse of salts, oils, drinks, UV Rays and more. This protectant continually battles the forces against leather, vinyl and fabrics while remaining supple and looking show room new.

Guardium Advantages to Commercial Operators


  • Extends Marine Vessel’s Finish Life: Protects Against Oxidation, Corrosion and Organic Sea Life while maintaining vessel’s best appearance without the need of constant waxing, coating, paint touch ups due to acid rains, bug etchings, hard water staining, etc  WHAT DOES A NEW PAINT JOB COST?
  • No Harsh Chemicals Needed: Impervious to salts, fuels, oils, hydraulic fluids and other harmful substances that would normally break down vessel finishes.
  • Reduced Labor and Chemical Costs: Super Hydrophobic. No more need for waxing, synthetic sealers, constant washing with harsh chemicals on stained hulls, decks or exhaust areas which now wipe clean. Less Maintenance = Cost Savings.
  • Increased Resale Values:  It is obvious to any Broker or purchaser whether or not a vessel has been properly maintained. Wherever there is an opportunity to de-value your asset inside or out, you can be sure it won’t be overlooked. Knowing your inventory is ready for such an inspection will assure that you will receive the best value.
  • Empowered Employees: By having staff that has been Certified in their field, you have empowered them to have self-worth. These employees tend to give more care, effort and longevity to that position. The benefit to you is a more satisfied and experienced employee that will maintain your valued asset with pride.




Varigon provides a full line of marine cleaning products while offering professional training to companies interested in maintaining the absolute best protection and appearance of their fleet. We become an active partner working with your crews in maintaining your finest assets and offer consulting at all levels of paint maintenance. Our experienced technicians understand the critical areas and needs of both owners and operators. Varigon Solutions is much more than a coatings company, we are the first step in all of your paint restoration and maintenance needs.

Call Varigon today and speak to one of our specialists to discuss any of your company’s marine vessel protection concerns or questions about our products and processes.

Varigon Marine Products


  • Marine Wash
  • All Purpose Marine Cleaner
  • Marine Interior Cleaner
  • Marine Quick Interior Detail
  • Marine Oxidation Remover
  • Marine Surface Polish
  • Marine Primer

Stop Corrosion Before It Starts


Commercial Vessels are used in the warmest humid salt-water environments of the South, as well as the cold icy waters of the North. Without a doubt, the commercial marine industry battles Mother Nature’s harshest elements on a daily basis. With such extreme conditions, it is inevitable that Corrosion is waiting to set in. Considering most of the world’s water is in the salt laden seas and oceans it is near impossible to avoid operating into salt air environments.

Corrosion cannot be avoided, so you might as well learn how to prepare for such a challenge. 

The key to preventing corrosion is to seal any metal against exposure to the elements. “If you can seal it from the environment, it will last forever. Coating your vessel with Guardium Ceramic Coating is the one of the most important steps to preserving its life.

The long-term costscorrosion are the extreme devaluation of the vessel. Commercial vessels with extensive corrosion will keep little to no value over time. Thus, in terms of pure economics (and ultimately maintenance related safety,) corrosion control is one of the most important issues facing operators for maintaining their maximum value.

Any area that has been coated with Varigon Solutions’ Guardium Ceramic Coating will give that extra assurance knowing salts, chemicals, oils, cleaners, UV Rays and fluids will not penetrate the protected barrier.

There have been many vessels for sale at bargain prices because the operator did not want to spend the money on preventative maintenance, and now no one will touch them. They were operated in salt water environments with little or no protection. What you save in avoiding corrosion control, maybe thousands, will cost you in the vessel’s integrity, possibly hundreds of thousands. Keep your commercial vessels seaworthy and they will continue to be an asset on your books and not a liability.


Marine Surface Restoration and Coating Application Training


Varigon Solutions understands the need for convenience and offers Certified Training at your business facility, marina, dry dock, or one of our in house Corporate Training Facilities in Houma, La, or Memphis, Tn.

Varigon’s training is provided by specialists who have over 30 years’ experience in the paint restoration industry. All of our training is hands on and includes knowledge of products, tools, and application. Upon completion of training, students will be Varigon Certified in Detail as well as Guardium & Kubera Coating Applications.

Take the most important step in fighting corrosion by Contacting a Varigon Solutions Marine Specialist Today