Paint & Body Shops

Today’s collision repair experts have to deliver the finest results using the most advanced technologies while being competitive in both speed and cost. Considering the level of expertise and experience needed to perform such a task, it is necessary that a skilled technician have all the best tools at his disposal.



Varigon Solutions’ provides the most advanced abrasives on the market today, reducing the old fashioned timely process and replacing it with a faster, more efficient and more effective process. Not only will our products reduce time and labor costs, Varigon Solutions’ prides itself on results. We know what’s expected of your valued customer, and we stand ready to deliver the products you need to meet their demands.

The Varigon Process

Varigon Solutions partners with paint and body shops to streamline the paint perfection process post paint booth. Currently, a vehicle will endure 3-4 wet/dry sanding steps and 2-3 polishing steps prior to delivery. This lengthy process is very expensive both in labor and chemical/supply spend. Trying to find talented, trained personnel to handle this final stage is a huge headache and causes delays in delivery to customer.

Varigon developed a 2-3 step process that will nib, level and polish any imperfections in 2-3 steps, eliminating hours of labor, reduces chemical spend, improves quality and increases profits.

Compounds and Pads

Varigon Solutions’ compound and pad line were developed to produce consistent results with less effort. Our micro abrasive technology combined with our foam densities produce a consistent mirror finish. This combination drastically reduces time spent polishing the paint, using far less product and generating little to no buffer dust, allowing for quick clean up and delivery.

Our paint correction system is very user friendly. We have numbered and color matched our compound line to the color of the pad, reducing user error. Burning paint is much more difficult due to the reduction in heat used to level paint.


Finding qualified personnel can be very difficult. Varigon Solutions’ training program and ongoing support drastically reduces the difficulty of finding and keeping trusted staff. Our trainers spend quality time on location working with your existing flow, causing zero interruption to your flow of business. Whether we are working with very experienced staff or rookies, we certify your staff to the highest quality of paint perfection very quickly, allowing you to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Our training program delivers:

  • Faster Delivery Time

  • Swirl Free Finish

  • Less Chemical Expense

  • Consistent Results

  • Ongoing Support

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

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