About - Varigon Solutions
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Varigon Solutions is committed to providing our clients with the highest quality products available to protect and maintain a vehicle’s appearance. We are also committed to the education and training of service professionals so they can provide the highest quality service to their customers.


A chemist, a detailer, and a marketing guy walked into a bar.  Four pitchers of beer and 12 shots of Fireball later, Varigon Solutions was born.


OK…maybe it didn’t go exactly like that but man did we come up with some great ideas!  We didn’t know what the future held but we did know that we wanted to change the automotive industry and get back to the one value that most people don’t have time for anymore…Appearance.


It started with our first protective coating TECTANIUM.  The days of being able to own a car and never having to wax it again are here!  After that we started focusing on all of the other things people hate doing to their car.  We wanted to make maintaining your vehicle’s appearance easier and we did just that.  Behold the Varigon Solutions automotive line.


As you can guess it didn’t stop there.  At almost the same time two Captains approached us about protecting their assets.  One had a Jet and one had a boat.  We said sure!  Our chemist was locked in a dungeon for a few months and you guessed it…we had a protective coating for the marine and aviation industry.


Now we have three teams that work seamlessly together and all share a common passion for protection and maintenance.  Today we can say that our products stand tall with confidence and pride.


Our chemist is still locked in the dungeon though…I wonder what he will think up next…